A Perpetual Caregiver: Charles Kirk Clarke and the Treatment of Women at Rockwood Asylum

Register on facebook - CLICK HERE The Museum of Health Care at Kingston presents the 23rd annual Margaret Angus Research Fellowship presentation, “A Perpetual Caregiver: Charles Kirk Clarke and the Treatment of Women at Rockwood Asylum.” On Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 PM at Queen’s University Watson Hall, Room 517, Victoria Bowen, the 2019 Margaret Angus Research Fellow, will present her research as an accumulation of her hard work over the past five months, exploring the local history of Rockwood Asylum. About the Presentation - Exploring the treatment of female staff and patients at Rockwood Asylum under the superintendency of Charles Kirk Clarke, a persistent ideology becomes apparent; nineteenth century women were expected to be naturally adept at caring for others, even when in care themselves. Discussing both moral treatment and the foundation of the first psychiatric nursing school in Canada, Victoria Bowen analyzes notions of womanhood in the early Ontario Asylum System. About the Presenter - Victoria Bowen was awarded the 2019 Margaret Angus Research Fellowship to research the history of Rockwood Asylum in the 19th Century. Victoria recently finished her undergraduate degree and has begun her Master’s in Art History at Queen’s University. About the Fellowship - The Margaret Angus Research Fellow is named after and in honor of Dr. Margaret Angus. In 1996 the fellowship was established to enhance the appreciation of the history of health care. Throughout her life, Dr. Angus contributed numerous historical narratives and publications of Kingston and Canada. She composed two publications of the full history of Kingston General Hospital, established a collection of over 2,000 costumes for the Queen’s University Drama Department, and acted as the Director of Radio at Queen’s University. Margaret Angus sadly passed away in 2008 at the age of 99. The Museum of Health Care is dedicated to continuing to recognize her contributions to the heritage community and continuing her example of excellence. Special thanks to the Trustees of the Estate of Larry Gibson for their generous support of the 2019 Margaret Angus Research Fellowship.

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17 octobre 2019 • 19 h 00

Museum of Health Care



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