Dyeing Yarn Naturally Workshop

Leader - Christopher Walker aka @cabinboyknits on Instagram Learn to forage for early summer plants on our land to make natural dyebaths. We will wash and prepare hanks of Topsy Farms yarn then will dye them over an open fire. Christopher will teach the basics of natural dyeing and their stages. Students will explore the environment for additional possible dyes and where their plants may be sourced. Each person will take their dyed hanks once dried. As the hanks dry, there will be time to use the coals to cook a lamb sausage or food you bring and to visit the Wool Shed. Cost is $45/person, including yarn Catch the 8:30 ferry from Millhaven (please arrive early, the boat can be busy). The cost is $9 round trip/car. Meet at Topsy Farms,14775 Front Rd. to register: https://topsyfarmsontario.myshopify.com/products/dyeing-yarn-naturally

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16 juin 2019 • 09 h 00

Topsy Farms



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Topsy Farms