Evan Ginsberg: New Works

Artist Evan Ginsberg brings his passion and expression to the Art Noise Gallery with works that express his thoughts and emotions leading up to and after the birth of his daughter. The Art Noise Gallery is proud to host artist Evan Ginsberg in a show that runs from February 12 until March 23 in rooms 1 and 2 in Art Noise, 290 Princess St, Kingston, ON. A statement from the artist: This body of work is produced through the necessity to create at a key point in my life with the coming arrival of my daughter. Akin to journal entries, they are an expression of my thoughts and an outlet for my emotions leading up to and after my daughter’s birth. The works are a reflection of my own upbringing and how I want my child to grow in her life. I want the viewer to be able to see not only my contribution to what makes these works of art, but also to see and think about the history of the materials and the people who have created those materials. - Evan Ginsberg Join us for our Opening Gala on Friday February 15 from 6pm until 9pm for food, drinks and a chance to chat with the artist.

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12 février 2019 • 09 h 30

Art Noise Studio



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Art Noise Kingston