Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

Leader - Stephen Kapusta Stephen Kapusta will teach each student how to graft their own apple tree by demonstrating the process, then supervising the hands-on practice.  Each student will learn to graft their chosen apple species onto their chosen root stock, taking that tree home. The skill learned will be of value for anyone wanting to save a heritage species or to create future fruit trees to their specifications. “Lost Lanark Legacy Fruit Trees” founder Jennifer Ferris will be an additional resource for the hands-on skill learning, and to answer questions about her heritage apples research. Cost for the workshop is $65. When registering, each student must choose one of 3 different rootstocks (a small, medium or larger tree results) and one of 8 different scions (varieties) from which to create their own single apple tree. Catch the 9:30am ferry at Millhaven (please arrive early, the boat can be busy). The cost is $9 CASH round trip/car. Meet at Topsy Farms,14775 Front Rd to register:

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30 mars 2019 • 10 h 00

Topsy Farms



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Topsy Farms