Garden Bells - Tuesday Morning Pottery Workshop

Join us on select today to create with clay funky and functional pieces - custom and handmade from the heart. Start your day playing with clay! Coffee Included! The workshop is lead by Linda Wolfram-Fraser. Use all of our decorating tools and templates to create. This is a fun introduction to clay, with lots of opportunity to get creative. This Two Hour workshop is intended for anyone 12 and up. Younger than 12? Reach out to us or register with a parent. Everyone is given a large piece of slab to work with. There is enough clay for everyone to make the scheduled project. If you have left over clay with your slab and time then continue making! Experiment with texture and put your personality into these custom pieces. Sign up online, over the phone or by visiting the studio. Day of: Dress for Mess! We recommend wearing clothes you can get muddy in. Think gardening clothes. Show up 5-15 minutes early. We promise we're friendly, there's lots to see in our studio PLUS sometimes there are dogs here! The teacher will slab building and give you an overview as to how it works. They can be hands on as you create your piece. Cleanup is a shared activity. Everyone lends a hand and is responsible for cleaning their space. Is it your first time? THAT IS AWESOME! We love sharing our love of clay and everything we've learned through years & years (and more years) of playing with clay. This workshop is a fantastic introduction to pottery. Hot Tips Dangly bracelets can maybe get in your way and so might rings. DRESS FOR MESS! Or bring a change of clothes. Pick Up There's a saying "nothing like pottery to teach you patience". We first bisque fire your pieces, then once cooled we glaze and refire. Pieces usually take 2-3 weeks. We email everyone when the pieces are ready for pick up. We fire according to size and best fit in the kiln. Explore you Creativity with Clay and Have Fun Getting Muddy!

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17 septembre 2019 • 10 h 00

Amaranth Stoneware



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Amaranth Stoneware