Gear Swap at Trailhead Kingston!

This will be our 5th annual Gear Swap at Trailhead Kingston! This event is for buyers and sellers of lightly used outdoor gear and clothing! All are welcome! We're excited to make it a bigger and better event then ever before. If you are new to gear swap'ing here are some general guidelines. As a seller you're allowed to sell any lightly used gear, camp stoves, tents, outdoor/technical clothing, bikes, boats, boards, etc... We reserve the right to deny items if we do not deem sellable (eg. bike helmets, hockey equipment, broken equipment). As a seller you are entitled to an 80% cash pay out for your items or a 90% store credit at Trailhead for items sold. If your items do not sell there is no cost to you. Gear drop is from Monday April 22 to Friday April 26 with large items being dropped on Friday only. **** This year we are beginning a new process for sellers. If you plan to sell at our event you are required to contact us via email (subject Gear Swap) or phone to register ahead of time. You are assigned an id number and are required to number each of your items with a price and the number we provide for you. It can be as simple as a piece of masking tape with your number and price on each item eg. #1 $25 **** For all unsold items you can decide if you would like them back or choose to donate them. Quality items will be donated to Camp Outlook. If you choose not to donate your items you are responsible for picking them up no later then Tuesday April 30. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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27 avril 2019 • 09 h 30

Trailhead Kingston



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Trailhead Kingston