Jan LeClair Summer Concert at St Georges

 don't really remember a time in my life without music being important. I remember reading the letter notes on an xylophone I had as a young girl, and associating the sounds with the letters, even before I could read. I was playing accordion by 5 without having any lessons, but by watching my older brother practise: I used to sit at his feet and watch and listen. Then one day I just strapped it on and played the tunes he'd been working hard at learning. I know I'm lucky and feel very blessed. Some might say 'accordion?' and wonder if it is a blessing, but I feel very, very blessed for all that music has brought to my life.

I currently play 2 accordions, a Pigini Preludio P30 purchased on a trip to Italy a few years ago, and a vintage freebase Titano from the 60s my parents bought for me when I was little. Growing up in southwestern Ontario, I was called 'Salami-Olive' by my classmates because it's what I took for lunch in my school bag every day. (Family names on my mother's side of our tree include Marinelli and DeLuca!!) I grew up playing and studying with Eugene Caruso in Windsor, Ontario, and was a guest on the Frank DiAngelis Show, kind of a Tommy Hunter Show idea, but for Italians on the local Windsor CBET network. Pretty nerdy accordion stuff. In the 1970s, however, it became really uncool to play the accordion. So I decided to deny my ethnicity -- which everyone was seemingly doing in those days -- and put the accordion in its velvet-lined box at 13. I switched to the piano and didn't pull it out again for 20 years. Now, the accordion is so un-cool it's cool again, and it's a re-birthed passion of mine. I've been playing steadily for almost 20 years now and have played in Gypsy Jive out of Night Sun and Swamp Ward Orchestra both from Kingston, and currently venturing out for solo and session work. Anything euro rocks my musical socks, I simply adore arranging trad tunes with fresh mixes and perspectives, and klezmer music always makes me want to play and jam until the wee hours with fellow musicians and friends!

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1 août 2019 • 12 h 15

St. George’s Cathedral



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St. George’s Cathedral