Le Bibliothécaire (The Librarian)

On March 2nd at 10:30AM, the Centre culturel Frontenac will present the youth play Le Bibliothécaire (The Librarian) at the Octave Theatre. A play with circus and dance, Le Bibliothécaire tells the story of Paul-Emile Dumoulin, who has been working at the local public library for 25 years. He is serious and conscientious, but when he starts reading, he becomes completely absorbed by the story and his taste for adventure takes over. A fun show that’ll make you feel like reading. This show has some spoken French, but it is very visual and corporal performance mixing circus arts, and movement theatre. As movement carries the story, it is easy to understand for French learners, while still providing an immersive linguistic and cultural experience. All ages welcome! Did you know that before our representation of Le Bibliothécaire, there will be a free breakfast as well as activities for youth? Come around for 9AM, bring the whole family!

Détails de l'événement


2 mars 2019 • 10 h 30

Octave Theatre