Mike K. Myers at the RCHA

A favourite at the Club. Roots. Mike Myers is a sentimental guy. How else would you describe a musician who looks to Burt Bacharach for inspiration? And who has a soft spot for the first guitar he played as a teenager in the 1960s? (Yes, he still owns it — “I took my first lessons on it,” says Myers — although it’s his six-string, acoustic Guild that gets played these days.) It was that same 14-year-old who cut his chops with a first band called The Growing Pains. More than three decades later, three of the original four members reunited and reclaimed the name, and the grown-up version of The Growing Pains has been playing ’60s music and filling dance floors since 2000. Myers fronts the band with vocals and guitar. Style. “I make my living playing other people’s music and I gravitate toward the jazz standards of the greats like Nat King Cole and Sinatra,” says Myers. “But I’m a serious songwriter and I do get a lot of pleasure out of recording my own songs.” His latest CD, My Kind of Play, is filled with touches of the classic songwriters who inspire him: Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, Bacharach, and Lennon and McCartney. Onstage. It’s the passion for songwriting that sparked a love affair with musical theatre. In the early 1970s and ’80s, Myers worked as a musical accompanist with Theatre  5, writing and playing the songs for the troupe’s classic fairytale shows. His show tunes are still being performed, although Myers has since handed over the role of accompanist and turned his onstage energies to performing a wide range of music styles, from rock and roll to Celtic to jazz in venues that range from wedding receptions to barn dances. Where you’ll find him. Performing tunes from the ’60s with The Growing Pains at local venues including Raxx Bar & Grill and Brandees • Aboard the Island Queen with The River Cats, for afternoon cruises from May to October •

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2 août 2019 • 17 h 00

The RCHA Club



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