Open Studio: Encaustic Painting workshop

HOST: Claudia Zilstra As artists, much of the time that we spend creating is solitary. Once in a while, we can benefit from community and feedback from other makers. Art Noise’s open studio sessions are a designed to be a time and space for working in tandem with each other, with little to no instruction beyond materials advice, and shared troubleshooting. Art Noise classroom paints, mediums, some tools and mixed media elements are all included (specific to the Open Studio theme). Bring your own supports, paintings already in progress (optional) and your favourite tools - also optional (labelled please!). Please note, these sessions are not instructional, and work critique is not part of this process.  Art-making experience is essential. Space is limited so book early to reserve your spot!

Détails de l'événement


12 juin 2019 • 18 h 30

Art Noise Studio



Organisateur :

Art Noise Kingston