Opening Reception: Body Positive

Body Positive refers to the inversion of the molding processing used to cast a sculpture. A mold occupies the negative space, while the cast is the positive space. Body Positive also refers to a social movement that advocates building of confidence of all bodies, no matter the size, form, or appearance. It serves to dismantle unrealistic beauty standards predominant in mainstream representations of the body. Third year BFA students Natasha Allen, Mikki Barnett, Rosela Boland, Katarina Damiano, Julia Fast-Grass, Natalie Fielding, Breanna Gordon, Kirsten Poulsen, Neve Scullino, Sarah Swedberg, and Kathleen Vivian visually explore the residual imprints of hope, resilience and fear as they dwell in our bodies.

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22 mars 2019 • 17 h 00

The Union Gallery



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The Union Gallery