Painting an Imaginary Universe at The Agnes

Painting an Imaginary Universe at The Agnes
Are you visiting Kingston with your child or looking for a creative outlet? If they are  7–12 years old and dreaming of vibrant pink clouds made of cotton candy, or creating a city of giants who live under the sea. this may be just the ticket to inspire the inner Rembrandt. Create their own characters and landscapes by using canvas, paints and ink and make their imagination come to life through art.
Instructor Biography Holly was raised in rural Ontario, where a lot of her ideas and imagination stem from. She graduated Sheridan College in 2004 and spent the next 10 years creating illustrations and working in design in Toronto. She now resides in Kingston working on paintings and ideas for upcoming exhibitions. You can see her work on Instagram.
Fee: $60, $50 members

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Hebdomadaire • 11 h 30

Agnes Etherington Art Centre



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The Agnes Etherington Art Centre