Persistent ~ New Acrylic Paintings by Keight MacLean

PORTRAITS OF PERSEVERANCE:  GIVING VOICE TO THE SILENCED FEMALE Giving a voice to the forgotten and historically marginalized women, artist Keight MacLean is back at Studio22 Open Gallery with her long awaited second solo show opening on June 4th.  Persistent, MacLean’s latest body of work, comes on the heels of her widely successful first solo show at the gallery back in the fall of 2017.  This exhibit consists of a large volume of new canvases that range in size from 4”x 4” miniatures to 18”x 20” medium works.  This accessible range is appealing to both new and experienced art collectors alike. Persistent is an empowering new exhibit that calls to all generations to participate in a dialogue about how our culture has governed the obstacles and restrictions placed on women’s lives and where persistence over time can take us. MacLean explores women living their lives, pushing past adversity and trying times to achieve their goals during an era when women were seen first as their gender, and second as people. Focusing on historical subjects ranging from peasants to noblewomen, MacLean seeks to celebrate the strength and perseverance of the silenced female. Persistent speaks both to the women in my paintings, and also the year I’ve lived while producing them; suffering the major loss of my beloved studio, followed by a string of sickness and injuries.  - Keight MacLean Beautiful and accessibly priced poster art produced by the Idea Manufactory featuring the original artwork of Keight MacLean will also be offered for sale, both online and in the gallery, with a portion of the proceeds going to The United Way and directed towards women’s initiatives.  Women United - women helping women is an apt way for Studio22 through its artist and her art - to help to continue to give voice to contemporary women and their issues. Keight MacLean is a Toronto-based painter, born and raised in Kingston, Ontario.  MacLean is an OCAD University graduate and an alumna of the school’s revered Florence Program, located in Florence, Italy.  Inspired by her time studying the old masters first hand, MacLean’s paintings combine the old with the new, reproducing historical portraits by hand before applying contemporary and experimental methods such as fluorescent spray paint, re-harvested artists’ mediums and destructive techniques.  Keight MacLean has exhibited her paintings internationally and her work is in collections throughout Canada, the United States, Italy and the UK. Persistent is on exhibit at Studio22 Open Gallery from Tuesday, June 4 until Saturday, July 6. Previews and pre-sales will take place June 4th - June 7th.  Keight MacLean will be giving an artist talk at the gallery on June 20th at 5:00pm. Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm, open until 8pm Thursdays & Fridays For more information about the artist or the exhibition please contact: Ally Jacob ( or Nicole Bruce ( at 613-546-7461 /

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