Planting for Bees and Butterflies workshop

Leader - Sally Bowen Participants will learn the needs of our common pollinators, their nutrient requirements, the optimal structure of flowers for them to feed, and which local flowers meet those needs. Please bring several small envelopes and a pen for seed giveaway and exchange. If possible, bring some seeds of your own to share. Each seed type needs specific planting and growing conditions. These will be discussed, with demonstrations in our garden. Cost for the event is $35
Catch the 8:30 ferry from Millhaven (please arrive early, the boat can be busy). The cost is $9 CASH round trip/car. Meet at Topsy Farms,14775 Front Rd. to register:

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14 avril 2019 • 09 h 00

Topsy Farms



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Topsy Farms