Pottery Workshop | Sgraffito Plates & Tiles

Learn how to decorate pottery with beautiful hand drawn designs!
Join us for our famous "Sgraffito Night" with Chris, where you'll learn how to decorate a plate and a tile in the ancient art of sgraffito! ✍ Sgraffito is the process of scratching away a thin layer of coloured clay to reveal the natural colour underneath. This creates a beautiful contrasting image that looks similar to a linocut or woodcarving. And don't worry - you don't need to be an all-star drawer. You simply just transfer an image onto the plate, and follow the lines! Our workshop includes everything : 1 plate + 1 tile (makes a great trivet!), tools, underglaze and inspiration. All you have to bring is your creativity! Cost is $65 per person. A reservation must be made to book a spot. Maximum class size is 8. Wednesday June 19th 6-8pm Schedule Studio Space We will provide an open studio to work on your plates. We will have an instructor present to help those trying it out for the first time, and provide tips and tricks with mark making. Clean-up is a group effort. Glaze We will bisque and glaze your pieces with clear glaze. Please allow 2-3 weeks for pickup!

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19 juin 2019 • 18 h 00

Amaranth Stoneware



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Amaranth Stoneware