Professional Practices for Artists, Part 2

Are you an emerging or experienced artist looking for guidance on how to balance art making and business? The Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning is proud to present an invaluable workshop series with artist Gaetanne Lavoie, which examines essential entrepreneurial skills and resources for artists. Looking to take your art practice to the next level? Join international artist Gaetanne Lavoie, and learn how artist residencies work, which ones would be suited to you and your work, and how to apply and cover the cost. Examine how much weight needs to be placed on networking, openings, and getting involved in your local, national and international artistic community. Discuss who to meet, how and why, and ultimately how to find your tribe. Finally, you’ll explore how to develop your art career through working for others, ie: teaching, assistant painting, illustration, contract jobs and public art. After this 3-session series, you will take home tangible tips and resources to up-level your creative career. Bring your notebook, pen, or a laptop, you don’t want to miss this! Optional homework included. Register today. 16+   Where: Tett Gallery, 1st Floor, Room 109 Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning, 370 King Street West   Session 1: Thursday, March 21st 6-9pm Session 2: Thursday, March 28th 6-9pm Session 3: Thursday, April 4th 6-9pm   Registration:

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