The Annual Slack Off gathering

We're at it again for an amazing night of fun, games, bbq, slacklining and Spike Ball! Our Slack Off event has always been a night in the park with the goal of building community and getting people outside and that hasn't changed. If you have a slack line bring it to City Park. If you have Spike Ball bring it! If you have a hammock, lawn chairs or frisbees all are welcome! Let's get together and have a fun active night in the park. This year we will have ENO join us for some fun and yes they are bringing prizes! Yes we also have been sponsored by Spike Ball! You don't want to miss this event :) If you've never tried any of these activities you are welcome to join! Bring your children, dogs and come ready to try something new! This is a FREE event and no registration required but if you could say yes to the event then we know how much food to bring :)

Détails de l'événement


22 mai 2019 • 18 h 00

City Park



Organisateur :

Trailhead Kingston