Thursday Art Tour: Rome, Capital of Painting

Rome, the Eternal City, maintained a prominent place in the imaginations of artists throughout the late medieval and early modern periods. The site of a formidable historical empire, the seat of the papacy, a cosmopolitan milieu for fashionable Italians, Rome attracted ambitious artists from across the continent. The confluence of its ancient and modern artistic traditions inspired new inventions, fueled a lively art scene and generated masterpieces that would shape the arc of artistic production across Europe. This exhibition reveals the place this city occupied in the mind of seventeenth-century artists. From prints after famous relics of antiquity to paintings reflecting the most revolutionary artistic developments of the period, this show probes the city’s layered appeal and invokes the pioneering manners of Adam Elsheimer, Nicolas Poussin, Michelangelo da Caravaggio and Annibale Carracci. It sheds light on the artistic attractions that prompted painter and theorist Karel van Mander to refer to Rome as “the capital of painting.” These free, lunch-hour exhibition tours are available on a drop-in basis.  A friendly and informed community docent will meet you in the Atrium before the guided gallery tour.

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21 février 2019 • 12 h 15

Agnes Etherington Art Centre



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The Agnes Etherington Art Centre