Tom Ward Band at The Ports

Tom has been surrounded by music all of his life, influenced by music-loving and music-playing parents. To accompany himself in his passion for singing, he taught himself to play the guitar at the age of eleven. Two years later, he formed a rock band together with three friends in his hometown of Belleville, playing bass guitar and providing back-up vocals. The band went through several name changes, and member additions, through the next eight years, from The Electric Circuit, to The Fog, through Tombstone Shade, and finally Creed (yes the original Creed). Tom withdrew from the band in 1975 after a year on the road while his friends continued to tour Canada and northeastern U.S., with both name changes and band member changes. They achieved success with an LP album with Capitol Records as the popular band "Photograph". By 1990, Tom's interest in song writing and performing was rekindled and he was soon featured at Kingston area nightclubs as a singer-guitarist. As a solo artist, he developed an extensive repertoire, spanning decades of classic favorites, but focusing on the heyday of the folk and rock era of the sixties and seventies. In performance, Tom was entertaining audiences with his superb vocal performances and fingerstyle guitar accompaniment. Mixed in with these recognizable, sing-along hits were Tom's own compositions, created in folk, rock, country and adult contemporary stylings, which gained appreciation from audiences. Tom is once again active in the Kingston music scene after having worked in the USA for ten years and is available for performing through several music ventures.

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9 mars 2019 • 19 h 00

The Portsmouth Tavern



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The Portsmouth Tavern