In this two day workshop, a professional artist will demonstrate the photo Transfer process and you will have the opportunity to create some of your own. You will learn how to turn your own photographs into transfers that become part of a painting. On day one, we will learn how to make a transfer and try our hands at developing one into a complete painting. On day two, we will finish the transfer process and hand colour your transfer using acrylic paint, marker and coloured pencil. You will have a hands on experience with making the actual transfer, revealing the transfer after it has dried and turning the transfer into a finished painting. Participants will go home with a 16” X 20” acrylic painting made with a personal photograph! REGISTER: DATE: Saturday - Sunday, June 1-2, 2019:1-3pm INSTRUCTORChristina MacLachlan

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1 juin 2019 • 13 h 00

Art Noise Studio



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Art Noise Kingston